Imaginary Appalachia

Colter Wall

Sleeping on The Blacktop 3:12

Johnny Boy's Bones 2:56

(Feat. The Dead South)
HTML5 Icon Caroline (Feat. Belle
Plaine) 2:54

Living On The Sand 3:22

Ballad Of A Law Abiding
Sophisticate 3:12

Nothin' 3:23

The Devil Wears A Suit
And Tie 3:56

Songs of the Plains

Colter Wall

Plain to See Plainsman 3:42

Saskatchewan In 1881 2:52

John Beyers
(Camaro Song) 2:02

HTML5 Icon Wild Dogs 4:53

Calgary Round-Up 3:35

Night Herding Song 2:21

Wild Bill Hickok 2:40

The Trains are Gone 2:09

Thinkin' On A Woman 3:19

Manitoba Man 4:00

Tying Knots in the Devil's
Tail (Ft. Corb Lund) 2:38